What we do

One Partnership provide primary and community health estate across Wigan, Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale, Pennine Lancashire and Bolton. We work in partnership across these areas to create healthier buildings and to find solutions to local short, medium and long term estates challenges.

Our team ensure services are delivered in accordance with contract obligations and provide effective performance monitoring of the supply chain against service specification / output specification.

We also offer a procurement route for a range of development and partnering services.

Current areas of focus

Some of our current areas of focus and projects include:

  • Carbon net-zero – ensuring our buildings meet national targets and respond to local Green Plans. We are always looking at ways, however small, that our buildings can contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment.
  • Community areas –promoting more community activity in our buildings and making the buildings part of the communities that they support
  • Primary Care Networks (PCNs) – working with PCNs on how our buildings need to function, look and feel to support effective neighbourhood delivery
  • Digital – harnessing new technologies in our buildings to support service delivery and improvements in health
  • Covid-19 – assessing the impact of the pandemic on our health buildings and supporting a more resilient future built infrastrcuture